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Young Adult YA Romance & Adventure

Title:  Island Girl

Series:  N/A

Author: Marshall Gibson

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Publisher:  Lots Cave, Inc.

Language: English

Length:  73,544 Words + Illustrations

ISBN:  9781301315048

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3D Ebook Cover - Island Girl - by Marshall Gibson

Island Girl



Jasmin, a native to the Philippines, dreams of escaping the harsh realities of life. Growing up in a cross cultural shock, Jasmin dreams of falling in love. Like so many young Filipinas, Jasmin’s quick to dream of starting an innocent romance with one of many American tourists. Jasmin’s colorfully expressed tale of teenage romance is unlike any before it.

eBook TAGS    Young Adult Romance, Virgin Island Girl, Sugar Daddy, Filipina Marriage, Interracial Romance, Philippine Travelogue, New Adult


Jasmin was starving. She felt hungrier than she could ever remember as she looked furtively upon the rows of fresh, tempting mangoes on the table in the Carbon Market in Cebu. “How I wish I had five pesos to buy one honestly,” she thought to herself as she dug into the empty pockets of her disheveled clothes. She dreaded the daunting prospect of having to do three hours’ worth of laundry to earn the simple five-peso coin, and only if she could actually find someone who needed laundry done. She contemplated the shameful prospect of stealing a mango or two, despite the reservations of her conscious. “It would be easy,” she thought to herself, watching the bustling throng of people clustering about the narrow aisles “The market is so busy, no one will notice.”

Compelled by the inescapable hunger which drove her, Jasmin set her plan to action, and cautiously emerged from her place of hiding. She walked tentatively towards the table of mangoes, keeping out view of the store-keepers, who were a brother and sister tending busily to customers. She discreetly hid behind one of the customers, a slender woman toting several plastic bags of fish and vegetables, so she could maneuver in reach of the fruit she so desperately wanted. She carefully extended her hand and grasped a mango, quickly pulling it close to her chest. Realizing she had been undetected, she grew bolder, and decided to purloin another fruit. Again, she grasped one of the mangoes, but as she pulled it from the table, the lady whom she was hiding behind accidentally bumped into her.

“Oh, excuse me dear.” The lady said to Jasmin before turning and walking away. Jasmin said nothing in reply, the pair of ill-gotten mangoes in her hands in clear view of the two shop-keepers.

“Are you planning to pay for those?” the woman asked. Jasmin was quiet, unsure of what to say or do. “They’re not free.” the woman continued.

“I’m hungry,” Jasmin said softly at length, throwing herself upon the tender mercies of the shop-keepers. The young woman’s glare softened, replaced by a look of pity. Jasmin’s hopes began to rise as she saw the woman’s face, believing she could keep the precious fruit she held. But the bitter scowl on the face of the woman’s brother told a different story.

“It’s okay, big brother. Let her keep them.” The woman said sympathetically as she turned to tend to another customer who had approached the table. “Look at her, she hasn’t bathed in a week and she’s obviously hungry.

“Okay,” the man relented. “She can keep them.” Jasmin gave a sigh of relief as she heard the words, grateful for his ostensible kindness.

“Thank you sir, ma’am.” Jasmin said with gratitude. “God bless you for your kindness.” she said, bowing in dutiful respect.

“But I’m still going to teach you a lesson, even so, for stealing.” The brother declared. He walked up to Jasmin and held her firmly by her wrist, then began to lead her down an alley.

“She’s just a poor beggar girl.” The woman exclaimed to her brother. But the man didn’t pay any attention and pulled Jasmin to a narrow doorway that he unlocked. Jasmin stood silent and afraid, still clutching to her two mangoes which she refused to give up. She expected to be whipped, but the suffering of the belt she was prepared to endure as the price to pay to fill her empty stomach. She understood all too well that life for many in her country meant making difficult choices and sacrifices.

The man pushed her into a small, cluttered storage room and closed the door behind him. He turned a small chair to face the wall and began loosening his leather belt. “Face the wall.” He ordered Jasmin, who cowered at the authority in his voice. “Pull down your pants and bend over the chair.” Jasmin did as she was told, shaking uncontrollably as she timidly pulled down her tattered shorts down to her knees, exposing her thin underwear, then bent over the back of the chair to receive her punishment.

The pain felt like a hornet sting as the leather belt whipped across her buttocks. “Arayyy!” she exclaimed in a high pitch. The man whipped her again, the biting sting penetrating her tender skin even more.

“Count,” he demanded firmly. “Didn’t you go to school you filthy beggar girl?”

“Usa, po!” Jasmin cried out as tears began to fill her eyes from the humiliation of the ordeal. The belt fell upon her again. “Duhá!” she exclaimed.

“How bold of you to steal from an honest person!” the man scolded Jasmin as he continued to whip her.

“Tuló!” Jasmine cried out in pain. Again and again the whip fell upon her, stinging her bitterly like a nest of hornets. “Upát po, lima po, unom po!” she cried out in between her mouse-like squeals of pain.

Then at last it was finally over. “I’m done with you.” The man said with indifference. “Take our mangoes and go.” He told Jasmin as he began to replace his belt through the loops of his pants. Jasmin carefully pulled her pants up to cover herself. She reclaimed her now hard-earned mangoes and turned towards the door. As she did, she caught a glimpse of the look in the man’s eyes that sent chills of terror through her. She knew that look. “Wait,” he told her roughly with a tone that only affirmed her fears. The man tipped his head slightly, his jaw slackening slightly. Jasmin’s heart raced in panic as she discerned his malevolent intentions for her. “There’s something else I want from you.” the man said with a dark voice. His eyes seemed to walk up and down her figure.

“Never!” Jasmin screamed in defiance at the top of her lungs. “I’ll tell the police!”

The man smiled at her with arrogance. “Ha!” he jeered. “Who will believe a pathetic beggar-girl like you?” Jasmin stared back at the man with an icy stare of contempt and resolve, grinding her teeth and tensing as her adrenaline rose, looking for a chance to escape the confines of the dank, dimly lit room. “Face the wall you filthy beggar.” The man ordered. “Pull down your pants again.” His fingers manipulated the top buttons of his trousers.

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