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New Adult NA Romance & Adventure

Title:  Ultimate Consummation

Series:  Jasmin's Tingle No.9

Author: Marshall Gibson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave, Inc.

Language: English

Length:  9,300 Words

ISBN:  EM2300009

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3D Ebook Cover - Ultimate Consummation - Jasmin’s Tingle No.9 - by Marshall Gibson

Forbidden Fruit



After Andy’s departure, Jasmin is left alone to face the harsh realities of her life in the Philippines. Fending for herself, Jasmin still can’t help fantasizing over the older man that captured her young heart. Jasmin’s only wish is to one day be reunited with the handsome foreigner. Will Andy return again to the island paradise and rekindle the passionate romance he left behind?

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eBook TAGS    Sadistic Punishment & Discipline, Barely Legal, Adult Bar, Older Man, Forced Humiliation,  Young Adult Romance, Virgin Island Girl, Sugar Daddy, Filipina Marriage, Interracial Romance, Philippine Travelogue, New Adult, Barely Legal, Adult Bar, Older Man, Shame & Humiliation, Sexual Discovery


She would lay in bed, dreaming of Andy, reminiscing of his cock filling her wet mouth. She missed the way his warm, thick semen would gush into her mouth when he came, flowing down her throat as she swallowed it, with his hands pressing firmly against the back of her head. She missed the feeling of his manhood pushing into her asshole. And most of all, she miss his erection plunging deep into her eager cunt as he would passionately, lovingly, fuck her.

With a sly grin, she took hold of Andy’s hand and had him pull off her shirt, then loosened her pants so they fell to the floor in a pool at her feet, revelaing her white cotton panties. Without hesitation, Andy slid two of his fingers between her thighs and caressing her affectionately. As he stroked her intimately, she felt a gush of moisture fall against her panties. But she didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. She only grew more aroused.

The sound of mischevious laughter filled the room as Jasmin noticed three other girls shamelessly poking their heads into the room, captivated and envious with the exciting visitor touching her with such tender intimacy. “I miss your little cunt,” Andy said, his eyes full of desire. She thrust her pelvis forward eagerly in response, moaning gently as he tenderly stroked her panties. “Has anyone fucked you?” he inquired bluntly.

“No, never,” she assured him in reply. “I keep my legs closed for you, always.” She kissed him, putting her own hand between his legs. “Segi, I want to see your titi, mahal,” she whispered shamelessly to him, conveying her request with the graceful confidence of a woman. He compliantly acquiesced to his lover’s request, loosening his pants and unleashing his enormous erection in front of her.

“Oh my God, he’s so big!” exclaimed a surprised voice from the door, accompanied by gasps of surprise and laughter. “He’s too big to fit in you.” Jasmin looked and saw the same girls continuing to pry into the lover’s private realm.

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